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Food Photography

Food photography is a category of commercial photography that focuses on capturing food as the main subject for still images. Professional food photography images are often used in product packaging, cookbooks, billboards, marketing materials, etc. Food photographs are also used for websites, mass email, and social media within the digital market. Because food can be a complex subject with cooling, melting, or losing luster, food photography is a collaborative effort with help from the chefs, stylists and/or clients.

The history of food photography has changed significantly. At one point, some businesses began using props and other materials to re-create images of their food. The public poorly received the false representation of these images, and food photography began to have a bad reputation. Today, professional commercial photographers focus on capturing food at its finest, making food look natural, accurate, and enticing.

Professional Culinary Photographer

Our professional culinary photographers have a creative vision to capture food in the best possible light. We understand what it takes to generate appealing, enticing-looking images to increase sales. We come prepared for each food photoshoot to capture images quickly and accurately. Not only do we consider how the food subject turns out, but we also focus on the backgrounds ensuring the surroundings feel natural and organic.

From menus to editorial to advertising, our commercial photographers have you covered. Let us help you increase or maintain the appeal of your brand with food photography.


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