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Commercial photography is the foundation for product representation in advertising, branding, and often in identity. Since commercial photography is closely related to sales, it is one of the highly influential parts of a business. Gray Box Studios employs highly trained and experienced commercial photographers and creates high-quality images of products or services to promote, market, and sell.

About Gray Box Studios

Paul Gomez is the owner & lead product photographer at Gray Box Studios. He is the driving force behind the overall operation. Paul's dedication to providing quality product images has been instrumental in the success of Gray Box Studios. He is committed to helping businesses get the best out of their product photography. He excels at creating stunning imagery using artificial light in the studio, shooting on location, and incorporating natural light when necessary. He loves the wide range of projects he works on and enjoys the fact that each project presents new challenges which inspire him to learn and try new things every time he shoots.

Gray Box Studios was named from the Brooks Institute assignment "Gray Box." It was the first technical studio assignment where students had to photograph a gray box with specific light ratios while shifting the plane of focus using a 4X5 view camera.

Types of Commercial Photography

Product photography, architecture photography, food & beverage photography, lifestyle photography, and portrait photography are just a few types of professional photography that falls under the commercial photography umbrella. At Gray Box Studios, we specialize and focus on the following commercial photography types:

  • Product photography
  • Architecture photography
  • Food photography
  • Beverage photography

Step into the world of commercial photography.

To experience unique commercial photography, contact Gray Box Studios today. Our professional photographers are skilled and experienced - and just love what they do.


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