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Commercial Photography

Commercial photography can cover quite a wide range of image possibilities. A better understanding of commercial photography refers to photography used to sell or promote a product or service. More often than not, commercial photography supports a business or organization in earning higher revenues.

Product photography, architectural photography, lifestyle photography, food photography, and even fashion photography are all sub-specialties of commercial photography. 

Since commercial photography hinges on the end use of photographs rather than the actual content of images, commercial photographers can have exceptionally varied careers and wide-ranging portfolios. Gray Box Studios specializes and focuses on the following specialties of commercial photography:

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Uses for Commercial Photography
Marketing & Advertising

Although print production still exists and continues to carry as much weight in directing public interaction, the explosion of digital browsing has led the primary promotion of products to happen online. Today many commercial photographers are in line with creating stunning images to be placed on websites, social media, mass emails, etc.

Here at Gray Box Studios, we specialize in the commercial and advertising side of photography and digital asset creation for use in eCommerce, marketing, and advertising. Many of the assets we create are used for editorial, website, packaging, print marketing, and any other promotional uses.

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Commercial Photoshoot
By commercial Photographers

If you are ready to take the next step and capture the perfect images of your product or services, contact a professional commercial photographer today. Our commercial photographers are experienced and skilled and bring to the table fantastic creativity. Contact us today.


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