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Architecture Photography

Architectural photography is a category of commercial photography that focuses on capturing photographs of buildings and other structures. Architectural photography also involves structure photography, including the interiors and exteriors of buildings, bridges, and cityscapes. Compared to other categories of photography, this kind of photography requires a lot of time to envision the space and environment. 

Professional Photography Architecture Photoshoot

We take what we like to call a "mid-school" approach to architectural photography. Like products, each space we photograph requires unique lighting and angles. We will not go into a space and bracket multiple images and spit out a sub-par-looking HDR image. We do bracket, but we also supplement the space with strobes and constant light when needed and take each image and combine them to create natural-looking photographs that a camera cannot capture in one shot.

The post-work can be quite extensive as our retouchers will take all the images from one angle and mask in parts of the scene that are needed to create the final image. Here our photography specialists will correct any color swifts and densities and remove any unwanted obstacles in interior and exterior scenes.

Commercial Photography for Business

When you commission our architectural photographer to photograph your space, you'll get a series of high-quality images to use in magazines, digital media, and other marketing resources. Building photography is a tough one to capture correctly, but our professional photographers have you covered with years of extensive experience. Call today.


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