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Beverage Photography

High-quality beverage photography demands a unique skillset from a specialized commercial photographer. Drink recipes offer bountiful playgrounds of different textures, styles, and colors layered on top of lighting that produce enticing culinary masterpieces. Gray Box Studios understands how lighting, subject, and scenery affect materials and textures to create the highest quality and appealing images.

Commercial Drink photography

Whether in a bottle, metallic can, or plastic poured in a glass, we love the challenges liquids bring to the commercial photography table. Showing "life" in the beverage is key, and we will light it to showcase the proper color and SRM. We also take care when placing highlights on any glassware or containers, ensuring they are as clean and soft as possible. We also take great care in propping beverages, using proper glassware, and finding the correct ingredients when called for.

Much like our product photography work, we treat beverages of all kinds - cocktails, beers, smoothies, and much more - the same for postproduction. Our retouchers will clean up all the dust and scratches, adjust any color and density shifts, and composite multiple images needed that were not captured in the camera. Then we prepare the images for final delivery per clients' requests.


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