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Gray Box Studios
Commercial Photography

Gray Box Studios is a commercial photography company that aims to help businesses showcase their products in the best light (pun intended). We started as a small operation in 2010, but with hard work and dedication, we grew into the well-respected photography business it is today. We specialize in creating high-quality, professional-looking images that will capture the attention of potential customers, and our team of experienced photographers and editors are committed to delivering the best results for our clients.

We provide full-service product photography services for a variety of industries, ranging from apparel, retail, beauty, tech, architecture, food, and beverage. We work with large global clients and small local startups alike. Our professional photography services encompass everything from pre-production to final image delivery - styling, lighting, post-production, and more. We also offer custom product photography solutions tailored to the needs of each client. Our photography team is experienced in creating images that accurately reflect the product and its features, ensuring each photograph will look professional and attractive. With our services, we can help businesses create impactful assets that can increase visibility and sales.

Having The Right Tools,

An Experienced Team,

Equals Amazing Results!

Paul Gomez

Paul Gomez, owner & commercial photographer at Gray Box Studios, works with large global clients and small local startups alike, photographing apparel, beauty, tech, culinary, beer, outdoor gear and much more. He excels at creating stunning imagery using artificial light in the studio but is also comfortable shooting on location and incorporating natural light when necessary.

Meet Our Lead Photographer

Commercial photographer in Denver, Paul Gomez


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